Previously operating as INOKUMA Ironworks, software for the shipping industry is our area of expertise. We provide a thorough service from proposals and introduction to implementation. We also create programming software for Windows98/2000 and Windows NT whilst continually pursuing new technologies.

We design technical software (for ships in particular), support software for design, application software utilizing mapping, production and processing management systems as well as CAD/CAM Applications developed by SE with experience in the design industry.

Vessel Ship loading calculator LOAD CALC
Vessel maneuverability analysis system SEA TRACE 2
Ship planning calculations SEA BASE
Sheet metal processing Configuration CAD board management system Nesting
Management system for shirring Snest
Cost accounting management Daily work report management  
3D Mapping Golf course green display (Utilizing 3D mapping analysis tools)  
Contour line processing  


Company name: Inokuma Co.,Ltd.
Head office:
 Uno 1-7-10, Tamano-City, Okayama-Pref
706-0011, Japan
TEL. +81-863-31-5621 FAX. +81-863-33-9198
Tamahara Factory
Tamahara 3-3-6, Tamano-City, Okayama-Pref
706-0014, Japan
TEL. +81-863-31-1121
Capital:  \10,000,000.-
Representative : President Koji Miyake
Inauguration : 1939
Company establishment: 1949
System business department establishment: 1988
Head office     : Site  450 m2  Building 270 m2
Tamahara Factory: Site 4,720 m2 Building 1,617 m2

View of the Uno harbor from office